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You can't understand the company from its business outline. To understand the company, you need to know the fellow workers, atmosphere and work environment.

Now let's look at workstyle of Nippa to imagine your future.

Workstyle 1 Fellow workers - work environment

写真:上司に相談する社員Nippa has an atmosphere of openness.
There are many young workers in Nippa and many workers including them are exchanging opinions lively beyond generations.

This work environment is built upon trust among workers.

Let's look at the work places.

  • 写真:機械の調整作業を行う社員They are all serious during work.
  • 写真:社員集合The teamwork is perfect beyond
  • 写真:プロジェクト会議真っ最中の社員たちThey have lively exchange of opinions in the meeting.

Workstyle 2 Concentration of new technology - the technical center show room

写真:テクニカルセンター内のショールームWe develop pressing technique and new technology at the technical center.

History of technical development and information and products which we are placing our emphasis on are displayed in the show room of technical center.

You can understand our summary and share our vision for future here.

Let's look at the show room.

  • 写真:掲示版を指し示す社員Here is the show room.
  • 写真:商品サンプルは説明板と一緒に展示Displays of our products with detailed explanations.
  • 写真:手に取れる商品サンプルYou can touch the product samples.

Workstyle 3 Prepared for disasters - the company hall

写真:新・厚生会館外観No one knows when and where disasters such as earthquake happen in Japan.

We bolstered disaster-prevention countermeasures when we built the company hall.

It is Nippa style to prepare for the risk.

Let's look at the company hall.

  • 写真:講堂The large and bright hall-cum-company cafeteria.
  • 写真:救命機器Prepared for disasters and installed survival equipment.
  • 写真:食糧備蓄された倉庫Stockpiled foods for all workers are kept in the storage.

Workstyle 4 Professional chef and special menus - the company cafeteria

写真:社員食堂のシェフOne of the vaunty facilities is the company cafeteria in Nippa head office.

The professional chef is providing various lunches with using ingredients selected carefully.
Many workers enjoy them every day.

No flied food is provided here for workers' health.
There is no better company cafeteria in Japan.

Let's look at the company cafeteria.

  • 写真:日替わり定食Many workers enjoy daily special lunches.
  • 写真:食事中の女性社員Various healthy menus.
  • 写真:多くの社員が昼食を取る食堂The cafeteria is full of workers during lunch time.