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Nippa thinks top company should have a little footwork to challenge new things continuously,corporate culture developing constantly and workers with independence.

People, system and work environment have to be changed to achieve our goal.Nippa focuses on the followings ;


Actions for personal growth of workers.

Action 1 Nippa "Juku" (Nippa open workshop) - instructed by the president of Nippa.

写真:塾長でもある社長が熱弁をふるうニッパ塾の様子Nippa "Juku" covers a variety of topics such as basics as a member of society and mental attitude of people engaged in production.

Workers of all ages with various works listen to the president's instruction eagerly.Positive workers join Nippa "Juku" to improve themselves at their own initiative.

Abstract of topics in the past

  • Money making for people engaged in production
  • Mental attitude as managers
  • Nippa's strategy for revolution
  • TQM risk management
  • Learning to speak better and intelligibly
  • Useful basic knowledge of tax

Action 2 Providing communication opportunities to workers

写真:工場間ベンチマークで説明を受ける社員達Nippa has 4 bases in the western area of Shizuoka prefecture.

In Nippa, workers visit other workplaces to know each advantage and share it although each of the bases has different function.

It is a valuable opportunity to experience various workplaces and encourage each other.


Actions for cultivating young workers.

Action 3 Promotion has nothing to do with worker's age.

写真:ニッパで活躍する先輩In Nippa personnel system, person of ability is selected and promoted without respect to his/her age.

Nippa actively works on personnel relocation to have workers get better with experience Nippa expects workers' possibilities than present abilities.

Let's listen to the voice of active Nippa workes !

Action 4 Introduction of new personnel assessment system.

写真:上司と打合せをする社員Nippa introduced new personnel assessment system for management of workers' personal goals.

Communication with their bosses was enriched by this system and fair assessment motivated them.


Actions for motivating workers.

Action 5 Company trip

写真:社員旅行で白山へGood work environment provides workers satisfactions for their works and lives.

Nippa workers think hard and discuss different ideas for good work environment. One of their ideas is a company trip.

Trip destinations in the past / Guam, Hokkaido, Yakushima, Kyoto, Ishigakijima, Hokuriku

Company trip planning committee formed by Nippa workers.

写真:2008年度社員旅行実行員たちCompany trip planning committee organizes and conducts a trip to provide workers opportunity to promote friendship among them.

Members of the committee are selected from various departments and have many meetings for amusing company trip.

Company trip is one of the greatest pleasures for Nippa workers. We are glad to have you on board and experience it !